Commercial Dishwashers - Clearance has a large online range of cutlery polishers, glass washers, dishwashers & accessories and even conveyor dishwashers for your commercial kitchen. You'll find a variety of quality models and brands to choose from with filters for price, power type and manufacturers. Our selection of glass racks, storage baskets, and other dishwashing essentials is just what you need to keep your kitchen well stocked with clean, sanitised dishware and utensils in a way that's both quick and efficient.

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Commercial Dishwashers

Any kitchen or catering company needs a fast and steady turnover of dishes and glasses throughout the day. Hygiene has always been of paramount importance in the foodservice sector and the ubiquity of social media has created an even more heightened need to impress each and every time. Customers may not choose to address you face-to-face, but you can be sure that if they are served food or beverages on dirty plates and in soiled glasses that it will be posted online and create a negative perception of your business.

Commercial dishwashers are the ideal solution for restaurants and caterers that simply do not want to risk making a poor impression, but who also need to keep things moving fast in their kitchen without sacrificing on quality. As such, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, you can find dishwashers that will deliver the kind of results you expect for many years without having to incur the kind of excessive prices that other retailers are so keen to charge.

We have a great choice ready to ship, which includes the following product types:

  • Passthrough Dishwashers
  • Undercounter
  • Glasswashers
  • Conveyor Dishwashers
  • Granule Washers

And, also:

-      Dishwasher Stands and Accessories

Why You Need A Commercial Dishwasher

First things first, these machines are built to last and provide robust and reliable service for years. The manufacturer knows that they are expected to work for many hours on end so you can feel confident that your investment in this equipment will pay dividends over time and most likely require far fewer repairs that say a conventional dishwasher.

When you run a restaurant or any other business, you need to make every dollar count. As such, labour expenses are something that you cannot avoid, unless you’re smart and make changes that can not only save you money but create space in your kitchen and work environment. A commercial glass washer or dishwasher will get through many more items in a shorter period of time and deliver a far superior standard of cleaning than a manual labourer.

Given that your dishwasher delivers a comprehensive cleaning to the items you load into it and at the requisite temperatures, you don’t have to think twice about whether it is providing the depth of cleaning needed to stop the growth or spreading of bacteria. This is a must for all kitchens.

Speed is the name of the game and so given the number of items that can be loaded into your dishwasher and the possibility to complete cleaning in much shorter cycles than conventional washers, you get the job done much more efficiently, without compromising on quality. What’s more, this also means that you will be using less energy, which is no bad thing for your pocket, or the environment.

Superior Solutions Delivered Quickly

Our goal here at Restaurant Equipment Online is to make the largest selection of products available at the lowest cost, and with almost 20,000 products listed on our site, which includes both new and used equipment, this ensures that Australian business-owners can access exactly what they want at affordable prices when they need to.

In terms of the brand names you can find in our online store, these include AG Equipment, Axwood, Eswood, F.E.D., Fagor, Goldstein, GranulDisk, Silverchef, Trident.

So, if you are in the market for commercial dishwashers that could enable your team to reach a new level of efficiency or a new machine with a reverse osmosis water filter to ensure those glasses sparkle every time and will safeguard the reputation of your business, get in touch with us here at Restaurant Equipment Online and we will have a superior solution winging its way to you in no time.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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