Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers or Shock Freezers are designed to rapidly cool food items to preserve flavour and structure. An indispensable tool in the commercial refrigeration arsenal for any commercial kitchen army, blast chillers are ideal for large volume kitchens such as in retirement villages and large restaurants as well as Ice-creameries and frozen yoghurt bars.

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Blast Chiller Freezer 

Your main priority is to serve up food that is going to satisfy your customers every single time and never put their health at risk. However, in order to prevent the disaster of falling short of food during service, you will naturally buy in accordance with what you expect you need, and will likely account for a little extra just in case things prove to be that bit busier. As such, with so much additional produce it is necessary to store it properly so that it can be used again, and safely. It might be time to invest in a commercial freezer.

A blast chiller freezer is an ideal way to quickly safeguard the integrity of your food and preserve it in its optimal condition for use again when you need it. Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we have a range of these exceptional freezers ready to ship for less. Our ability to offer the lowest prices online and deliver quickly has made us the number one e-retailer in Australia, and with a variety of familiar brand names to choose from you can expect to find the best solutions for your business when you need them without having to blow your budget.

We have been supplying businesses with quality commercial kitchen equipment such as ice machines and display fridges. We also refurbish used kitchen equipment for kitchens that need quality equipment at more affordable prices.

Why Blast Chillers Are A Great Investment

When it comes to speed this product can enable you to freeze tons of food within 24 hours and at a much faster rate than any conventional freezer will allow. The advantage as the majority of those working in the food service industry will know is that this reduces the possibility of bacteria taking hold and spreading, which could compromise the products that you have invested in, but more seriously, it could affect the health of one of your customers.

When you are seeking out a blast chiller for sale, then it is more than likely that you already appreciate just how much waste comes from your kitchen each and every day. This efficient solution helps you to cut down on the amount of waste by speeding up the freezing process and guaranteeing that it is maintained at safe temperatures that will ensure that no bacterial growth can occur.

No kitchen wants to throw out the meat, fish, poultry or anything else that they have spent cold hard cash on, and so having a chiller in your kitchen is an ideal way to protect your time and monetary investment. This not only provides market-best food safety but massively improves time and cost efficiencies in commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Finally, what may seem like a small additional benefit can actually prove to make all the difference in terms of the quality of the food you serve up. Blast chilling leads to smaller ice crystals, and while at first, this may seem like an aesthetic benefit, the reality is that larger ice crystals can, in fact, spoil the taste and texture of frozen food, which when cooked makes for a much less appetising meal.

At Restaurant Equipment Online, we stock and ship chillers by the following manufacturers: AG Equipment, F.E.D, Italia Cool, Polar, SilverChef and Skope. And for more information on blast chilling, check out our recent blog post.

Buy A Blast Chiller For Sale With Speed, Efficiency and Assistance

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, the 5-star reviews we have received across the board on Product Review speak to our ability to deliver on our promises of low quality and a comprehensive inventory delivered fast and efficiently. What’s more, with our customer service team ready to engage you over the phone, via our online chat, or by SMS and e-mail, you can feel confident that no matter when you need us, we will be here to assist.

So, for the cheapest and best blast chiller freezer ready to ship today no matter where you are in Australia, look no further than right here at Restaurant Equipment Online.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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  1. Polar U-Series Blast Chiller with Touchscreen Controller 10x GN 1/1
    Was $7,314.00 Was $9,349.89

    240(H) x 232(W) x 429(D)mm

  2. Polar U-Series Blast Chiller with Touchscreen Controller 5x GN 1/1
    Was $6,453.00 Was $8,249.89

    240(H) x 232(W) x 429(D)mm

  3. Polar U-Series Blast Chiller with Touchscreen Controller 3x GN 1/1
    Was $5,593.00 Was $7,149.89

    240(H) x 232(W) x 429(D)mm

  4. Everlasting BCE2020 Blast Chiller 20 Tray
    Was $18,480.00 Was $22,000.00

    780(w) x 2202(h) x 800(d)mm

  5. Everlasting BCE2015 15 Tray Blast Chiller
    Was $13,282.50 Was $16,500.00

    798(w) x 1847(h) x 780(d)mm

  6. Everlasting BCE2010 10 Tray Blast Chiller
    Was $10,626.00 Was $13,200.00

    798(w) x 1467(h) x 780(d)mm

  7. Everlasting BCE0007 7 Tray Blast Chiller
    Was $8,679.00 Was $10,780.00

    798(w) x 1127(h) x 780(d)mm

  8. Everlasting BCE0005 5 Tray Blast Chiller
    Was $6,110.50 Was $7,590.00

    760(w) x 857(h) x 706(d)mm

  9. Everlasting BCE0004 4 Tray Blast Chiller
    Was $4,961.00 Was $6,160.00

    706(w) x 652(h) x 540(d)mm

  10. ItaliaCool Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer DO3
    Was $4,085.00 Was $4,805.90

    750(W) x 720/750(H) x 740(D)mm

  11. ItaliaCool Counter Top Blast Chiller & Freezer 3 Trays ABT3
    Was $3,075.00 Was $3,617.90

    660(W) x 410(H) x 650(D)mm

  12. Thermaster 14 Tray Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer D14
    Was $10,171.00 Was $11,966.90

    800(W) x 2170(H) x 815(D)mm

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