Industrial Kitchen Supplies

Any business that sees a high volume of output or usage of their equipment needs to invest in products that are going to stand the test of time and provide reliable service when the pressure is on. Cafés, restaurants, catering companies and those in charge of care facilities depend on the equipment at their disposal to ensure that their schedules run smoothly and so that they can consistently deliver the kind of service that they have advertised and been paid for.

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, industrial kitchen supplies are just one facet of our extensive and constantly expanding product range. We have supplied countless Australian businesses with the products that they needed since our inception in 2013, and our popularity has grown consistently in this time as a result of our low prices and fast delivery.

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Industrial Kitchen Supplies 

The team here at Restaurant Equipment Online have a collective experience in everything from logistics to finance and equipment where the catering and food service industries are concerned and, as such, we are ideally placed to understand that specific demands of this sector. To ensure that we are able to bring something new to this highly competitive area, we have streamlined our overheads and logistical operations so that we can pass the savings we have made onto our customers and supply them with the best products available quicker and for a lot less than any of our competitors. We know it is important for our customers to have the best commercial cooking equipment they can afford in order to deliver the best experience to their customers.

In terms of the product range we have in store, you can expect to find the following:

  • Vacuum Sealers: Chamber Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum Packing Machines, Vacuum Bags
  • Mixers: Planetary, Fork and Spiral
  • Food & Veg Processors: Food Processors, Veg Cutter Discs, Veg Prep Machines
  • Bakery Equipment: Dough Rollers, Bread Slicers, Dough Sheeters
  • Meat Processing Equipment: Meat Slicers, Sausage Fillers, Bone Saws, Meat Mincers
  • Stick Blenders
  • Spice Grinders

The list of brand names that we stock is extensive, but rest assured that we have products made by AG Equipment, Yellow Mixer and everything else in between ready to ship.

Buy or Lease Your Industrial Kitchen Supplies

The argument with regards with whether it is more prudent to buy new or lease equipment never ends and is always worth delving into. Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we make it possible for those browsing our kitchen supply store online to access products that are both brand new and refurbished.

Buying used kitchen equipment may give you pause because you think the equipment was no longer used for a reason.The latter category includes products to which 12-month warranties mostly apply and are guaranteed as tested and professionally cleaned before they were advertised. For those seeking additional savings, here at Restaurant Equipment Online we are always willing to drop our price even further should a customer express their desire to forgo the warranty.

Refurbished products aside, there are many more advantages to acquiring new products when your budget allows it. The obvious benefit that goes hand-in-hand with new acquisitions is that there is no history and no wear and tear on the product. New products typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that if there is a problem, any repairs will be covered by the manufacturer. Whether you are ordering simple kitchen appliances or larger items like a cool room, repairs will always be covered.

However, each business must look out for their bottom line and make choices that serve both the short and long-term interests of those that they have responsibilities to. As such, here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we offer financing options to those that would prefer to hold onto their cash right now and pay for the use or purchase of their equipment in small weekly instalments over an agreed time frame.

We Are The Best Kitchen Supply Store Online

Our goal here at Restaurant Equipment Online is not to tell you what to do, but advise you if you need some assistance in making purchases that will enhance the possibilities for your business. To this end, our friendly customer support team are ready, willing and keen to share their vast knowledge with regards to any product listed in our online store, 24/7.

So, when you need industrial kitchen supplies and are between minds about which products might serve you best, or which purchase options worth best for your current budget and circumstances, get in touch with us here at Restaurant Equipment Online and we will help you as best we can, and also ensure you get the best prices available in the market.

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