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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for delivery?
Is there an email address I can send a list of equipment I need that I would like someone to price please?
What areas do you serve?
Hi, whats the power usage of this fridge?
What kind of information do I need know before purchasing grease trap?
Why do I need fan forced unit for fridge?
How many pizza can fit into the pizza oven?
How do I check postage prices by using the website?
Is the unit available and how long it will take, to get delivered?
Why there is extra charge if the unit will be taken inside the premise?
Why does it take 3 days for metro delivery?
What is the difference between Paneltim and regular grease trap that you offer?
Why do I need higher ambient for fridge?
Is this product reliable?
How noisy is the fridge?
Can I store meat in the Polar DM075-A?
Can you deliver my item today? (same day)
Do we customize prep bench and if we do how much is the cost for one unit with this size 1115(W) x 600(D) x 900(H)mm?
Just want to know if the equipment comes with warranty?
How do I get a quote for a large order?
Are you in Australia?
Do you supply remote motor glass door fridges?