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Refrigeration Questions
Do I need a fan forced fridge?
'Fan-Forced' refers to the large internal fans which pump warm air out of fridge and freezer cabinets and replacing it with refrigerated air, causing the contents to cool rapidly. Non Fan-Forced fridges and freezers such as Chest Freezers do not have internal fans.
Whats the power usage of this fridge?
Typically a fridge will use 1kw/h to 10kw/h per 24 hours depending on its size and how much it gets used Please check the specific fridge's description for more information
How noisy is the fridge?
Commercial fridges are not typically designed with quietness in mind, as their domestic counterparts are. The cooling systems in commercial fridges are not always insulated as well as domestic fridges so they might be a bit louder than what you’re ...
Can I store meat in the Polar DM075-A?
This fridge is really designed as drinks cooler. It’s cooling system is not fan-forced and it takes longer to drop internal cabinet temperature to the set point, which is not ideal for food. For meat storage, we strongly recommend using a fan-forced...
Do you supply remote motor glass door fridges?
We supply all kinds of fridges and freezers in remote variants. Remote refrigeration simply means the compressor (fridge motor) is not installed at the factory. This is for set ups where restaurateurs prefer to have the noisy compressor located outside...
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Cooking Equipment Questions
How many pizza can fit into the pizza oven?
It really depends on the diameter of your pizzas! Normal large pizzas are around 30cm in diameter so for instance if the internal width of the oven is 60cm or 600mm than you could fit two pizzas across but if the oven is 90cm or 900mm wide internally...
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Kitchen Equipment Questions
What information do I need know before purchasing a grease trap?
The most important thing you need to know from your local council is if they have a minimum size requirement. For instance some councils require minimum 600L or 1000L traps while others have no minimum requirements. Next you will need to decide if ...
What is the difference between Paneltim and regular grease trap?
Paneltim is a special compound of compressed plastic. It's about 6 cm thick and requires no additional reinforcement. The regular grease traps are made from thin plastic sheeting and need extra reinforcement like steel bars and concrete (for below ...
Is this product reliable?
We take a lot of care when selecting product lines from suppliers which we know to be reliable. We also only sell equipment from suppliers who we know will provide a level of support that our customers expect after their purchase. If a particular ...
Can we customize prep bench and if we do how much is the cost?
We can arrange anything custom made in stainless steel, however custom work is expensive. Typically we will have something very similar to the size you are after and it is much easier and cheaper to buy a standard size. For instance if you wanted...
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Delivery Questions
How long will it take for delivery?
2-3 business days for metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, 3-5 business days for Perth, Tasmania, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle. 5-7 days for all other regions
How do I check postage prices by using the website?
Each product on the website has its own delivery calculator. In the delivery tab, simply enter your postcode and then choose your suburb from the dropdown. You can also email [email protected] with your request and we will get back to...
Why does metro delivery take 3 days?
Generally our most popular items are delivered the next business day if you order before 12pm however this is not guaranteed. There are sometimes delays outside of our courier's control. We say 3 days as a rule of thumb just to be on the safe side
Can you deliver my item today? (same day)
Depending on the item(s) you’re after and where they're located, yes we now offer same day delivery: Items maximum weight for same delivery is 35kg Must be warehoused in the same metro city as you are.  Cut-off time for same day deliveries...
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Customer Support Questions
Is there an email address I can send a list of equipment I need that I would like someone to price please?
[email protected] - Please include model numbers/skus of products as well as the delivery suburb and postcode
Is the unit available?
Every product has an 'in-stock' label on its page. If an item is out of stock, you can email us and we will help you find an alternative from a different brand or supplier
Where is your shop? is an online business with our head office located in Melbourne, Victoria. We utilize a network of third-party showrooms, warehouses and logistics solutions around the country to ensure we can reach customers right across ...
How do I get a quote for a large order?
The easiest way to get a quote for a large order is to email [email protected] with all the model codes and quantities of the equipment you are looking for. Our sales team will add the items to a formal quote and send it back ...
Have I called a call center?
Actually our entire team works full time, directly for Restaurant Equipment Online. We have tried call centers in the past but we found that they are too difficult to work with and most customers get really annoyed by their poorly trained staff. ...
Are you in Australia?
Restaurant Equipment Online is 100% based in Australia. As an online business we have chosen to invest in our online presence instead of a physical presence, which limits our reach. Our head office is located in Melbourne All of our suppliers...
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Warranty and Returns Questions
Does the equipment come with a warranty?
All new products come with minimum 12 month warranty. Some products come with 2,4 or 10 years warranty. Showroom and clearance stock may only come with 3 month warranty as it is not brand new in the original box. Used equipment typically comes with...
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Kitchen Canopy Questions
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