Fagor 900 Series LPG Chrome 2 Zone Fry Top With Thermostatic Control

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The FTG-C9-10L-LPG Fagor 900 Series Chrome 2 Zone Fry Top is a gas powered unit that combines high performance with elegant design for a functional cooking solution. This fry trop is built from durable stainless steel and features a smooth, chromium coated steel sheeting hot-plate with a thickness of 50 microns and thermostat control from 120 Cº -310 Cº. It incorporates flame failure, stainless steel tubular burners, and piezoelectric ignition. It is finished with a fully welded splashguard and a fat collector under the grill for easy cleaning.

Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Easier to clean, cooler to operate, 20mm mild steel plate with heavy duty
  • 50 microns chrome plating Smooth hot-plate.
  • Burner in stainless steel with pilot.
  • Dimensions of the plate: 820mmW x 620D
  • Piezoelectric burner ignition.
  • Thermostat control of the hot-plate temperature 120 Cº -310 Cº.
  • Fat collector under the grill.
  • Gas Type: LPG
  • Consumption (MJ/h)76
  • Net Weight 128Kg
  • Fry-top plates or hot plates are designed to grill a large amount of
    products. They are particularly fast and heat is evenly distributed. Thanks to they high power, they reach working temperature in a short time.
  • Chrome coated plates can be used for any type of food. They are specially recommended for fish and sea food or for fried recipes with egg.
  • 2 mm stainless AISI-304 steel top with rounded edges for easy cleaning.
  • Laser cut and automatic welding for a perfect side to side adjustment of modules with square angle finish.
  • The hot plate is made of 20 mm thick mild steel.
  • Hot plate integrated into the embedded top. Easy to clean thanks to the rounded edges and embedded construction. Minimum edge radio 3.5 mm for easier cleaning.
  • Plate and lodging made according to EN-202-3 standard for materials in contact with food.
    The plate is slanted forward for an easier collection of fat and liquids.
  • Fitted with a cooking fat drainage hole and removable collecting tray.
  • Smooth plate surface.
  • 50 micron thick chrome coated plate.
  • Chrome surface stops food flavour to be transferred from one type of food to another.
  • The chromed surface maintains the temperature and prevents heat irradiation and dispersion. This reduces cooking time, temperature recovery time and improves the working environment conditions.
  • Useful heating surface: 47 dm2. Dimensions: 735 x 640 mm.
  • Heating by means of two double branch gas burner.
  • The independent control knob for each burner allows to work with half or the whole plate.
  • Thermostat for temperature control (between 100 and 300ºC).
  • The thermostat control allows a more accurate adjustment of the plate cooking temperature for each type of product.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Electronic ignition. Access tube for manual ignition.
  • Optional three-piece anti splash removable shields for easy cleaning.
  • Water-tight and protecting-support controls.
  • High temperature protector for the chimney made of enamelled cast iron.
  • Front access to components.
  • According to European standards for components and panels temperature, efficiencies and combustion, and sanitary regulations (EN-60335 and EN-203)
  • IPX5 grade water protection equipment.
  • Power Requirements: 21kW
  • Dimensions: 850mmW x 900D x 290H.
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Power21 KW
Product Depth900
Product Height290
Product Width850

Warranty: 12 Months

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