Commercial dough and food mixers are one of the most common products in any commercial kitchen or restaurant. Mixers are available in several styles for various applications, planetary mixers are the more commonly recognized design and are able to handle a variety of mixing tasks, including cake mix, light dough duty, beating eggs and whipping cream. Fork and Spiral dough mixers are heavier duty and are designed specifically for daily mixing of dough, ideal for pizza and bread. Mixers are available in a variety of sizes and strengths from small benchtop versions to large industrial size units so no matter what your application, we have a mixer to suit your commercial kitchen requirements.

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Commercial Mixers for Sale 

Getting the basic right is an important part of running any kitchen well. No matter how simple or complex the dishes you serve are if the basic ingredients are not mixed properly then the outcome is already set and you can expect your customers to turn their noses up at what you serve them. As such, in your kitchen, it is vital that you have the kind of commercial mixers that will deliver the results you expect each and every time.

Those in the restaurant, café, catering and any other foodservice businesses regularly turn to the team here at Restaurant Equipment Online when they need to find the best products at the best prices. Our ability to secure brand names and sell them at prices that seriously undercut all other competitors sets us apart from the rest and consistently helps our client base stretch their budgets further without compromising on the quality of the products they add to their kitchens.

The good news is that we are not exclusive to those in the industry only, and as such the general public as well as builders, architects, hotels, early-education centres, aged care facilities, schools and grocery stores can all access our ultimate collection. Given that our suppliers ship directly from their warehouses, this means that when you order from us, you can expect a prompt delivery that will enable you to continue doing what you do best sooner rather than later.

Warranties For Mixers You Can Depend On

In terms of the commercial mixers for sale here on Restaurant Equipment Online, you can expect to find a variety of sizes and strengths that will suit the space capabilities of any kitchen.

  • Planetary Mixers (perfect for cake mixes, beating eggs, whipping cream and light dough work)
  • Spiral Mixers (suitable for pizza shops and bread bakeries but can also be used for mixing meat. Single and two speed available with a variety of sizes and strengths)
  • Fork Mixers (also a great choice for pastry-shops, bakeries, pizzerias and families. Single or three phase motors. Two-speed versions available on three-phase motors as well as special voltages – on request)

Given the prices that are typically charged for these items, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars and, for those that are not interested in acquiring a brand new product but are happy to secure a used alternative, rest assured that we have options on that front also.

Each of the products that we list as used in our online store come with 3-month warranties, which ensures that during those transitional periods when you need a sturdy solution, you can rely on our goods to stand up to repeated use. The majority of refurbished products we stock come with 12-month warranties and have been professionally cleaned as well as tested and tagged accordingly before they were re-listed for sale. New items include a minimum warranty of 12-months.

Additional help comes in the form of financing options for those that wish to pay for their products over the course of a few years. Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we make it possible for you to pay for your goods via low weekly instalments, which gives you the freedom to continue putting your cash to good daily use, and budget for the acquisition of the equipment you need.

Gift Vouchers for VIPs

Those that are new to our site are invited to sign up to the VIP newsletter, which will secure you a $20 gift voucher that will make your purchases a little sweeter. Furthermore, when you pay via bank deposit, you can expect to get a discount of up to $50. And, for those that choose to pay by credit card, there’s no need to worry about incurring credit card fees.

So, speak with a specialist today about commercial mixers or anything else you need for your kitchen. Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and we do our utmost to bring you the best for less and put a smile on your face.

Restaurant Equipment supplies new & refurbished commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia. We offer a variety of commercial & industrial cooking equipment, as well as kitchen appliances. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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  1. Hobart 60 Quart Legacy Planetary Mixer With Bowl, Beater, Whip, Dough Hook & Bowl Truck
    Was $29,443.00 Was $51,205.00

    590(W) x 1560(H) x 1030(D)mm

  2. Hobart 40 Quart Legacy Planetary Mixer With Bowl, Beater, Whip & Dough Hook
    Was $22,671.00 Was $41,393.00

    590(W) x 1270(H) x 760(D)mm

  3. Hobart 30 Quart Legacy Planetary Mixer With Bowl, Beater, Whip & Dough Hook
    Was $16,243.00 Was $28,325.00

    580(W) x 1260(H) x 760(D)mm

  4. Hobart 20 Quart Legacy Planetary Mixer With Bowl, Beater, Whip & Dough Hook
    Was $9,463.00 Was $16,907.00

    420(W) x 740(H) x 432(D)mm

  5. Spiral Mixers - FS60M
    Was $3,973.00 Was $4,675.00

    480(W) x 840(D) x 1000(H)mm

  6. Spiral Mixers - FS50M
    Was $3,272.00 Was $3,850.00

    480(W) x 840(D) x 1000(H)mm

  7. Spiral Mixers - FS40M
    Was $3,085.00 Was $3,630.00

    480(W) x 840(D) x 1000(H)mm

  8. Spiral Mixers - FS30M
    Was $2,197.00 Was $2,585.00

    425(W) x 750(D) x 1000(H)mm

  9. Spiral Mixers - FS20M
    Was $1,673.00 Was $1,969.00

    390(W) x 730(D) x 900(H)mm

  10. Tyrone 10 Litre Heavy Duty Mixer TS207-1/S
    Was $2,607.00 Was $3,067.90

    370(W) x 720(H) x 430(D)mm

  11. Tyrone 40 Litre Heavy Duty Mixer TS240-1/S
    Was $5,516.00 Was $6,490.00

    560(W) x 1060(H) x 590(D)mm

  12. Bakermax Belt Drive Planetary Mixer 60L B60KB
    Was $8,405.00 Was $9,889.00

    610(W) x 1350(H) x 750(D)mm

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