Tandoori Ovens

Many people are really fascinated with a Tandoor oven just as much as the incredibly tasty food that they make. Contrary to what most people believe, tandoor ovens don’t just cater to making Indian cuisine. In fact, a tandoori or tandoor ovens are used to cook food throughout Western, Central and Eastern Asia.

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What is a tandoor?

A tandoor, tandoori or tandoor oven is a versatile oven that can cook various dishes from different parts of the globe. It is a vertical oven that is made with clay or ceramic. You put charcoal or firewood at the bottom of the oven (or power it using gas) and cook the oven itself along with the food.

What makes this oven very unique is that it cooks your food in different ways simultaneously by using radiant heat, convection cooking, hot air, live fire, and smoking. This simultaneous cooking gives the food cooked in a tandoor a unique taste.

Cooking with a Tandoori

The heat made by charcoals or firewood heats the entire clay or ceramic surface. Because it is a vertical oven, it maintains a good circulation of hot air and retains it within the oven. Because it maintains great circulation, it can retain high temperatures for extended hours. Compared to a typical oven that easily releases heat when the lid or door is opened, a tandoori locks the heat within and because of this, the temperature can reach up high temperatures at an average of 480 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why Do You Need a Tandoor Oven?

Tandoor ovens are not just made to cook Indian cuisine. It is a versatile oven that can both bake and grill different meals simultaneously. Here are the best reasons why you should invest in a tandoor oven for your restaurant. Check it out.

1. Simultaneous Cooking

You don’t just cook one type of food at a time. You can slap on naan or pita at the sides of the tandoor oven while grilling tandoori chicken. You can also cook western meals in a tandoori by grilling kebab or steak. This oven can be your all-around indoor oven and griller.

2. Unique Tasting Meals

The unique thing about a tandoor oven is that it has a very distinct smoky taste that is widely appealing. The taste comes from the combination of the burning charcoal or wood you are using and the taste that you can only get when cooking in a clay oven. It is even tastier when you happen to grill food using sweet-smelling wood like apple or cherry.

3. Healthy Cooking

Unlike cooking on metal-made cookware, earthenware does not alter food’s chemical structure. There are many unhealthy chemicals used in making non-stick pans or other metal cookware with the use of Teflon and pure aluminum. This means that when using a tandoor, the food you cook gets to keep its nutrients and health benefits.

4. Food Retains Its Natural Taste and Quality

Also, the food you’re cooking also retains its natural flavor. When cooking on a gas burner, food tends to lose its flavor and natural aroma as they evaporate. In a tandoor, the natural aroma circulates within the oven thus keeping its taste as well as giving additional flavor to other food you are cooking inside like pita or samosa.

5. Low Calorie, Oil- and Fat-free Cooking

No more oiled grills and pans when cooking in a tandoor. It’s pure hot air natural cooking that gives your food not just the amazing taste but also a low-calorie meal. When cooking in live fire or hot air, the bad fats from the meat burn and drip faster. In addition, you are also cooking your food in its own natural juices.

6. Low Maintenance

You will also love that a tandoor is easy to maintain. Unlike greasy grills, food doesn’t usually stick and remain on the sides of a tandoor oven. You also don’t have to worry about using chemicals to remove residue or food particles from it. All you need is a dry stiff brush to remove the particles off the sides of the oven and clean out the ashes from the firewood or charcoal between each use.

There are more benefits to using a tandoor oven in your restaurant than you can imagine, but the best of all is the irresistibly delicious food it makes. We offer you a masterclass tandoori in our store, and we highly recommend FED Commercial Tandoor Oven.

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