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Oven Ranges

Oven Ranges are gas powered ovens with hobs or combination grills. Oven ranges are the most popular piece of commercial gas cooking equipment and are available in standard lengths of approx 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. The more sophisticated models such as those from Blue Seal and Waldorf are available in every conceivable combination and can even be made to order. So whether you require a static or convection oven with hobs, griddles, chargrills or target tops, we have the right unit for your commercial kitchen. There is even a fully electric Turbofan model with electric cooktops and cooktops with a refrigerated bases! The variety of oven ranges is vast and they are designed to work with other pieces of commercial gas cooking equipment such as deep fryers, char grills and pasta cookers. Get in contact with us today and let us find the perfect oven range for your kitchen.