Induction Cooking

Ceramic induction plates cook by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. This means ceramic induction plates use magnetism to work, so pots or pans must be made of ferromagnetic metals such as cast iron or some stainless steels. However copper, glass, and aluminum can be used if they are placed on a ferromagnetic disk which functions as a conventional hotplate. Ceramic induction plates are quite efficient, which means they put less waste heat into the kitchen, can be quickly turned off, have significant safety advantages compared gas hobs (cooktops). Ceramic induction plates are also usually easy to clean, because the ceramic surface itself does not get very hot.
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  1. Benchstar Single Tank Induction Fryer - IF3500S
    Was $560.00 Was $658.90

    288(W) x 478(D) x 410(H)mm

  2. Benchstar Digital Ceramic Glass Induction Plate - BH2000C
    Was $130.19 Was $174.90

    290(W) x 62(H) x 355(D)mm

  3. Apuro Induction Cooktop 3kW
    Was $373.00 Was $439.89

    328(W) x 85(H) x 430(D)mm

  4. Dipo Counter Top Induction Cooker
    Was $1,362.00 Was $1,564.20

    365(W) X 450(D) X 115(H)mm

  5. Dipo Counter Top Induction Cooker with Temperature Probe
    Was $1,558.00 Was $1,787.50

    365(W) X 455(D) X 115(H)mm

  6. Dipo Drop-in Induction Warmer
    Was $1,101.00 Was $1,263.90

    300(W) X 370(D) X 80(H)mm

  7. Anvil Induction Cooker 15Amp
    Was $416.00 Was $495.00

    375(w) x 172(h) x 420(d)mm

  8. Anvil Induction Cooker Drop In 15Amp
    Was $555.00 Was $660.00

    360(w) x 125(h) x 380(d)mm

  9. Anvil Induction Warmer, 10Amp
    Was $231.00 Was $275.00

    330(w) x 66(h) x 383(d)mm

  10. Apuro Single Tank Single Basket Induction Fryer 7.5Ltr
    Was $514.00 Was $604.89

    415(H) x 290(W) x 440(D)mm

  11. Apuro Heavy Duty Induction Cooktop 3kW
    Was $397.00 Was $467.39

    120(H) x 390(W) x 490(D)mm

  12. Apuro Heavy Duty Double Induction Cooktop 7kW
    Was $1,028.00 Was $1,209.89

    130(H) x 390(W) x 720(D)mm

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