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Bonn MicroSave cavity liner for CM1901T & CM1401T

Product Details

Patented microwave protection liner that extends the working life of your Microwave Oven and improves hygiene.


  • Reduces costly repairs by up to 80%
  • Hygenic - Prevents cross contamination. Easily removed & washed in the sink or pot.
  • Extends the life of your microwave.
  • Safety - Maintains your microwave in a safe working condition.
  • Prevents fat, grease and spills inside your commercial microwave from entering impossible to clean places.
  • Prevents unnecessary downtime while your microwave is in for repairs.
  • Pest free - Prevents rodents such as cockroaches and mice attracted to spattered fat, grease and food particles from living inside the internals of your microwave oven.
  • Prevents major damage to the stainless steel cavity caused by arcing or sparking.
  • Cost effective - Costs no more than the cost of a single repair.
  • NSF Approved for the highest of food service standards.


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Warranty: 13 Months

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