1. Buying Guide - Commercial Stainless Steel Benches

    Buying Guide - Commercial Stainless Steel Benches

    Welcome to the buying guide to commercial stainless steel benches by In this guide we will cover the essential things you need to know when choosing stainless steel benches for your kitchen, including Dimensions and Standard Depths, Splashbacks, Standard Sizes vs Custom Made, Economy vs Premium, Different types of bottom brackets, Corner Pieces, Castor wheels and other accessories and of course, Installation

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  2. My fridge is sitting at 5° but set at 2° - is it broken?

    My fridge is sitting at 5° but set at 2° - is it broken?

    All fridges and freezers, whether commercial or domestic work in the same way.
    When turned on, the cooling systems start running and bring the internal cabinet temperature down to the set point (usually 2°C)
    Once the internal cabinet temperature reaches the set point, the compressor and other components stop running.
    The temperature in the cabinet will slowly rise and when it reaches approximately 6°C (or whatever the set differential temperature variance is) the cooling system again starts running and brings the internal cabinet temperature back down to the set point.
    The cooling system is designed to cycle from low to high temperatures and by doing so, it saves you power and money by not running 24/7 yet still maintaining the temperature of the items stored in it.

    Please keep in mind the following:
    - The temperature on the digital display is the live reading of the air temperature inside the cabinet, not the temperature of the actual food or drinks
    - F

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  3. How to Clean a Commercial Oven

    How to Clean a Commercial Oven

    Many commercial ovens today are equipped with self-cleaning features, much to the delight of chefs and kitchen-hands alike. Many of our top brands have optional self-cleaning kits available as add-ons. These include Unox, Primax and Fagor. If you decide not to get an oven with a self-cleaning feature, we have still compiled the top tips on how to clean your oven manually.

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  4. Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Keep It Clean

    Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Keep It Clean

    Fridge space maximization is a key factor you should always keep in mind whenever you think of organizing your fridge. In case of container items, arrange them in groups of similar-size containers to save on space. Don't forget to label them, lest you mix up the ingredients.

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  5. Why you should Never keep chocolate in the fridge

    Why you should Never keep chocolate in the fridge

    Chocolate, when not stored properly, can lose its richness and flavour may become stale. It's very sensitive to humidity and temperature. Proper storage and packing is necessary to preserve your freshest and taste and its beautiful aroma.

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  6. How to sell used commercial fridges

    How to sell used commercial fridges

    Be specific about who you want to sell the fridge to. This means that you will have to know who would be interested in purchasing one and why? They include upcoming restaurant owners, catering services, interior home designers and homeowners. People who live in cold areas can also benefit from commercial fridges as they generate a lot of heat.

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  7. Effective Fridge Management For Your Restaurant

    Effective Fridge Management For Your Restaurant

    For a restaurant manager, ensuring that the fridges are kept clean and well-ordered is extremely important. The fridges contain the most important stock that your restaurant has. If the produce is substandard, then this can really affect your business. 

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  8. What is Blast Chilling?

    What is Blast Chilling?

    Blast chillers minimize the size of ice crystals that form in the freezing process. This minimizes potential damage to the food that can be caused by the presence of large ice crystals with safe consistency.

    This not only provides market-best food safety but massively improves time and cost efficiencies in commercial kitchens of all sizes.

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  9. Best Fridge Temperature For Beer

    When trying a new beer for the first time, start with the fridge’s default temperature setting, say a temperature of around 4°C, drink slowly, and let it warm as you go along.

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  10. What is a remote refrigeration system?

    Remote fridges and freezers work exactly the same way as integrated versions however their compressors and some other components are located away from the cabinets, usually in another room or outside. The refrigerant gas is pumped from the remote compressor back into the cabinet through pipes.

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