Benchtop Deep Fryers

Their crispy texture and special taste are just some of the things that make fried foods the best. Fried chicken wings, French fries, and fried sweet potatoes, among others delicacies are just some many dishes that can be cooked in this way. To get the best quality possible fast, it is best to use a commercial deep fryer. If you are looking to buy one of these machines for your business, these are some of the aspects to bear in mind when picking one.

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Types of deep fryers

Deep fryers can be powered by gas or by electricity. Some chefs consider gas deep fryers to give foods a crispier texture and better taste. And they also heat up faster. Yet, they are more dangerous and much harder to find than electric ones. This is particularly so for benchtop varieties. Electric deep fryers, on the other hand, are the most common ones. They are also easier to operate, as there is no need to take any risks with gas. This type of fryer is generally cheaper too.


What to consider when choosing the right benchtop deep fryer

Every business has different needs depending on their expectations and their clientele. The first aspect to bear in mind is the amount of food that you plan to fry. This will affect the capacity of the device and the number of baskets. If you need to cook several kilograms of fries at once, you should pick a fryer with a large oil chamber.

Having many fry baskets is also very important. This allows cooking several types of food at the same time without having them tainted by oil that was previously used for a different type of food. In this way, you prevent your French fries from smelling like fish, for example.

Besides size, it is essential to worry about safety. First of all, the fryer you choose should be able to fit into a cool dark place for storage when it is not in use. Having a magnetized safety cord could also come in handy. Another key feature to avoid burns is having a lid. This will help to protect you from oil splatters.

Features to look for

There are some features that are very nice to have and that can make your life in the kitchen much easier. When deciding which commercial deep fryer to buy, check if it has:

  • A built-in thermostat:this is very handy, but it is possible to buy another one separately if not included.
  • An oil change notification:oil can be reused only a certain number of times. Having a light telling you when it is time to use new oil will help you save money and keep your food fresh and delicious.
  • A cool exterior:getting burnt is a constant fear when working in a kitchen, and this is particularly so when working with deep fryers. This feature can prevent some nasty accidents from happening.

Why shopping with us

If you are looking for an electric deep fryer for commercial use, you have come to the right place. Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, we list all types of commercial kitchen equipment, from bain maries and rotisseries to commercial microwave ovens andbenchtop grills and toasters.


Our products can be bought brand new or second-hand. New products come with a 12-month warranty, which can be extended, in certain cases, if you wish. And pre-used products come with a 3-month warranty. Of course, these have been refurbished and tested to ensure that they all meet the highest standards in the industry, so this should not be a worry.


If you need to get a commercial deep fryer in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Melbourne on the same day, it can be arranged! You just need to contact us and we will help you.

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  1. Apuro Twin Tank Twin Basket Countertop Fryer 2x 5Ltr
    Was $570.00 Was $670.89

    320(H) x 540(W) x 410(D)mm

  2. Apuro Single Tank Single Basket Countertop Fryer 5Ltr
    Was $345.00 Was $406.89

    320(H) x 270(W) x 410(D)mm

  3. CookRite 1 Tube Gas Deep Fryer NG

    400(W) x 650(H) x 485(D)mm

  4. CookRite 1 Tube Gas Deep Fryer LPG

    400(W) x 650(H) x 485(D)mm

  5. Benchstar Electmax Single Tank Electric Benchtop Fryer 3Kw - TEF-101KW
    Was $244.82 Was $328.90

    290(W) x 280(H) x 440(D)mm

  6. Benchstar Electmax Single Tank Electric Fryer 2.4Kw - TEF-81KW
    Was $200.61 Was $269.50

    285(W) x 305(H) x 440(D)mm

  7. Benchstar Double Tank Electric Fryer TEF-82KW
    Was $401.00 Was $471.90

    580(W) x 320(H) x 470(D)mm

  8. Roband Single Pan Fryer 5lt

    275(W) X 425(D) X 340(H)mm

  9. Roband Single Pan Fryer 8lt

    275(W) X 425(D) X 390(H)mm

  10. Roband Double Pan Fryer 2 x 5lt

    545(W) X 425(D) X 340(H)mm

  11. Roband Double Pan Fryer 2 x 8lt

    545(W) X 425(D) X 390(H)mm

  12. Roband Single Pan/Double Basket Frypod 11lt
    Was $769.92 Was $875.60

    555(W) X 480(D) X 335(H)mm

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