Toaster Grillers

Bench top toaster grills come in many shapes, sizes and configurations, making them one of the most versatile cooking appliances in your commercial kitchen. Toasties, melted cheese, grilled vegetables and bbq chicken wings are just a few of our favorite things....on the toaster grill! They are also used to reheat or defrost pizzas and more. These appliances are perfect for small cafes, food trucks, school cafeterias and restaurants.

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The perks of having a toaster grill or salamander

Their versatility is only one of the reasons why having a toaster oven is helpful for businesses. Because of their reduced size, they are very easy to disassemble and clean.

Also, they are more energy-efficient than bigger devices. Bench top toasters work by releasing heat from their heating elements placed at the top and bottom of the device. By doing so, they warm up the air inside fast.

As a result of their size, they require much less energy than full-sized ovens to heat up. So, it may be more efficient to buy a toaster oven for the smaller tasks, instead of using a larger one. This is helpful not only for the environment, but also for your pocket.

What to look for in a toaster grill

Our catalog features bench top toasters of all shapes and sizes. When choosing which one to buy, you should look for the toaster that fits your needs better. Here are some tips that you may find useful.

  1. Size: while bench top toasters are characterized for their small size, some of them are bigger than others. Small toasters can fit in almost any bench top. Though it may be harder to find the appropriate spot for the bigger ones, it is possible to cook a wider variety of dishes in them.
  2. Number of racks: this will depend on the number of plates you plan to cook at the same time.
  3. Accessories: this is an important aspect to bear in mind, as it makes your bench top toaster even more versatile. For example, pizza trays or lid holders can make your life much easier.
  4. Cleaning: bench top toasters are generally easier to clean than other kitchen equipment. Yet, depending on your cleaning procedures, you may favor some of them over others. You may want to check, for example, if you can clean your trays in a dishwasher, or if the interior is non-stick.

Browse through our collection of top-rated toasters

Here at Restaurant Equipment Online, you will find the best toaster ovens in Australia. Not only do we offer models that will suit the needs of every one of our unique clients, but we also have options that will suit every budget.

Our products come in two versions: new and second-hand. Our pre-used bench top toasters have been refurbished to meet your standards. And both types of devices are fully covered by our 3-month warranty. So, if there is any aspect of your purchase that does not satisfy you, you only have to contact us and we will make sure to solve your problem.

We also take pride in our fast shipping. If you place your order before noon, you will receive your package on the same day. If you do it later, you will get it the very next day. We achieved this thanks to our optimized delivery system, which relies on our twice-daily order processing to ensure that you get our products as soon as you need them.

What is more, if you are planning to enlarge your kitchen equipment, you can rely on us to find the best options. Our wide catalog counts with almost 20,000 products of the top brands at the best prices in the Australian market. So, whether you need bain maries, deep fryers, bench top griddles, or any other type of commercial equipment, you can be sure that you will find the best device for your business.

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  1. Apuro Conveyor Toaster
    Was $645.00 Was $758.89

    380(H) x 750(W) x 370(D)mm

  2. Benchstar Electric Compact Salamander EB-600
    Was $1,738.00 Was $2,044.90

    600(W) x 500(H) x 450(D)mm

  3. Benchstar Electric Lift Salamander - TES-450KKW
    Was $736.10 Was $988.90

    450(W) x 525(H) x 450(D)mm

  4. Roband Grill Max Wide-Mouth Toaster 8 slice, 15 Amp
    Was $1,026.93 Was $1,243.00

    625(W) X 390(D) X 350(H)mm

  5. Roband Grill Max Toaster 15 slice, 14.6 Amp
    Was $854.87 Was $1,035.10

    690(W) X 405(D) X 315(H)mm

  6. Roband Grill Max Toaster 6 slice
    Was $663.30 Was $797.50

    485(W) X 315(D) X 315(H)mm

  7. Roband Grill Max Toaster 8 slice
    Was $722.00 Was $805.20

    585(W) X 315(D) X 315(H)mm

  8. Roband Grill Max Toaster 8 slice, glass elements
    Was $750.32 Was $906.40

    585(W) X 315(D) X 355(H)mm

  9. Roband Grill Max Toaster 8 slice, 14.6 Amp
    Was $653.38 Was $807.40

    585(W) X 315(D) X 315(H)mm

  10. Roband Griddle Toaster - Medium Production

    495(W) X 425(D) X 374(H)mm

  11. Roband Griddle Toaster - High Production

    537(W) X 457(D) X 374(H)mm

  12. Roband Griddle Toaster - Very High Production

    725(W) X 541(D) X 374(H)mm

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